Today is finally iOS 7 Day!

If you are anything like the mass majority of all iOS and iPhone fanatics, you’re certainly a bit a bit excited for today’s launch of iOS 7.  The first bunch of GeoClique users have already noticed their download is available wirelessly on their devices.  While some will welcome the change as a bleeding-edge upgrade to their devices, having heard about the new features months ago and being inundated with numerous blog posts across the web about its cool new advancements in technology, other may approach the upgrade with a little more skepticism than others.  We at GeoClique are here to let you know that we intent to fully embrace the new design styles set forth by Apple with this iOS major release.

Significant progress has already been made to migrate GeoClique for iOS to full iOS 7 support.  In the mean time, you will notice a minor update today to version 1.4.  The release notes in the App Store leave out all the technical details, and really for good reason.  While you won’t see any new features with 1.4, it is important to us that you update to this latest release as it includes new files that are required to keep our usage statistics accurate.  The stats package that we use required an update in order to keep devices from reporting as brand new and throwing off all of our metrics.  Additionally, we found a bug in the device registration code that ultimately caused some devices to stop receiving push notifications. If you fall into this category, go out and update the app, then log in to the website, go to the settings page and look for notifications. After you’ve launched the app on your device once, it should register with the site. Make sure it is enabled for push notifications in the settings page online and you should be good to go.

So consider this a plea, if you will, to update to the latest version.  It will help us all out in the long run.  Remember to show your support for our work by visiting our sponsors both in the app and online.  It only takes a minute to click on an ad and check out the offers inside.


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