Weekend Maintenance Reminder

feb-updateThis is just a friendly reminder that we will be upgrading the website (full and mobile sites) this weekend and will also begin the process of removing the iOS app from the App Store to prepare it for its new home on our official GeoClique Labs Inc. account.

PUSH notifications will stop being delivered immediately once the app has been removed from the App Store.  They will not begin again for you until you delete and re-download the app when it is available under the new account.  We will let you know when it is once again available so you can make the switch.  Again, do not delete your existing app at this time, or you will be unable to get it back during the App Store transition.

See http://blog.geoclique.me/2013/02/site-enhancements-scheduled-february for more details on the extend of the website upgrade being performed this weekend.  We ask for a little extra patience as we push out the new changes.

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