Web Upgrades Complete

feb-updateMaintenance activities on our website are now complete, making our site version 2.1 officially live.  Our interface has changed just a bit as you will be able to see very quickly with your next refresh, but all of the familiar functions are still intact. Remember to check back a few posts for details on what changes we’ve incorporated into the site.

Now we move onto the next phase of updates, moving our iOS app to a new account dedicated to GeoClique Labs Inc.  We have confirmed with Apple engineering that everything is in place and ready to go for us to begin the transfer process.  This will include the following steps:

  1. Removal of our current apps
    Our applications will be removed from all App Store markets to allow us to delete the application from the store completely. It will take Apple approximately 24 hours to complete the removal, at which point you will no longer be able to download (or re-download if you happen to delete) our iOS application.
  2. Uploading new binaries under the new account
    This is the standard update and approve process which traditionally takes up to 1 week to complete, the timing for which is entirely controlled by Apple. We will also submit an expedited review request, but keep in mind that it may still only cut 1-2 days off this week-long process.
  3. Application is made ready for sale
    At this point, the app will be re-listed as brand new under our new account. We’ll post the new iTunes links on this blog site for quick reference, and will also be sending out notifications, emails, Facebook and GeoClique status updates letting you know that it’s available.


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