Site Enhancements Scheduled for February

Your GeoClique administration team is planning some long-awaited site upgrades to happen during the weekend of February 15th through the 17th. While you will definitely see some cosmetic changes immediately upon refreshing your browser, behind the scenes some other nifty new features have been added.


  • Public cliques – Start a semi-private conversation where your thoughts and posts are kept separate from the main site streams, but allows anyone to join in via the Clique Directory.  Manage the public/private settings of your clique, even existing ones, to get started
  • Custom photo – Cliques have been created historically using the avatar of the owner as the avatar displayed in our apps. Now you can customize your clique’s avatar to whatever you choose
  • Switch quickly to your updated cliques with the use of the new drop-down menu at the top of the site


  • Object filters are more prominently displayed to turn on/off the various types of objects (check-ins, notes, photos, videos)
  • Search filters are displayed in line with the object filters and can be easily turned off as well
  • User search results are shown in a separate tab on the streams page to quickly find users
  • A new posting window includes a location browser of frequently used check-ins
  • Trending topics are displayed prominently in the side bar across all pages of the site
  • New users are welcomed in the side bar after they post for the first time


  • See a list of your friends split into trusted, non-trusted, and inactive (no posts or stream refreshes for >180 days) for a quick view of who you’re posting to. Feel free to nudge those inactive friends and get them back into the spirit of posting on GeoClique


  • Notification types are more granular. Change each possible notification to either email, push, or both. Push notifications are available only for those accounts that have devices registered via a native app (iOS only at this time)
  • Cross-posting has been disabled for now.  We have experience several issues with the Facebook API and will be rewriting the entire back-end to address the ongoing issues that have been plaguing cross posting for a while now

Blog – For the first time ever, our blog site template matches the website template. Yay! Hey, we think it’s a big deal anyway.

Developer API Guide – A link to our API, complete with examples and the ability to try it yourself, will be included in this release.

Several minor back-end API changes are included that are necessary to support the upcoming release of our iOS app, version 1.2.1, which will include improved mapping and check-in capabilities.  The cutover to our new iTunes App Store account must be completed by the end of the month to avoid costly charges of maintaining multiple accounts.

During the transition to our new site template with enhanced features listed above, if you spot anything out of the ordinary, send a message to [email protected] for a timely response, or join our GetSatisfaction page using the Feedback and Support link at the bottom of the website, so we can track bugs in the system for quick repair.

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