Version 1.7 Released

Well, it’s officially been 6 months since our last site update, but we’ve been extremely busy knocking out bug fixes and implementing some cool new features.  So now that it’s time to finally push these changes out to production, take a look at the long list of changes that have kept us awake at night working for you!

First and foremost, you will notice all newly designed logos and a brand new color scheme for the site.  These changes were included in the recent debut of our GeoClique for iOS application.

General Feature Enhancements

  • Require TOS acceptance (during registration and after any updates, required for all with this upgrade)
  • Newly revised status update box that now allows YouTube video link sharing
  • YouTube video links will automatically embed the video into the stream
  • Fixed issue with IP address being exposed
  • Deleting a conversation now deletes the pictures associated with the conversation
  • Fixed issue with muted users not showing up in the comment stream
  • Fixed an issue with new friend requests not being sent correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the count of friends on the user profile
  • Fixed issue with blocked users showing in your friends list
  • Administrative blocking of reserved usernames
  • Resend verification email on email address change (requires logout and re-verification)
  • Starting a new conversation with a user will now notify them of waiting messages
  • Added a new person search option to search box
  • New like button with updating list of users who like the post
  • Added progress indication to newly posted comments in conversations
  • Reformatted friends page without tabs, added person search feature
  • Add support to display timestamps via users local timezone
  • Allow users that donated to hide advertising
  • Added settings to capture gender (to make our push notifications grammatically correct)
  • Integrated filters for notes, photos, and all into the stream
  • Brand new mobile template for simplified browsing via smart phones
  • Added a new floating toolbar with menu items and notification widget

API (back end) Enhancements

  • Added filter option to friends API to return all relationships in one shot
  • Some minor database changes to save on space

External Collaboration

  • Fixed issue with cross-posted links to Twitter being cut short
  • Facebook photos now upload as photo instead of links
  • Fixed issue with cross posting encoding

Mobile Device Support

  • Added device push options for users with Apple devices
  • Hid the push options for users with no Apple devices (this will be expanded in the future)
  • Added push notifications for mentions
  • Added push notifications for new friend requests
  • Added push notifications for friend approvals
  • Added email notifications for friend approvals
  • Customize push based on gender (eg. ‘his/her’ post instead of ‘their post’)
  • Fixed an issue with notifications for liked posts
  • Fixed issue with push notifications for certain comments
  • Fixed issue with push notifications getting the incorrect badge count


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