Version 1.6 Release Scheduled

Version 1.6 of GeoClique, scheduled for release on Thursday, September 8th and 9pm Central/US, has some very exciting new features as well as several minor bug fixes and various other enhancements that you may notice.  Let’s run down the list now…

New Features

  • Twitter Integration – Now your posts and photos can be cross posted to Twitter
  • Facebook Integration – Now your posts and photos can be posted to Facebook
  • Private Conversations – You can now chat with your friends using our new conversation feature. Talk with one or multiple friends. All content and images posted are secured so anyone outside of the conversation can not see them. Keep the conversation page open for instant updates with our auto-refresh feature
  • Invitation to Register – Public posts that are cross-posted to Twitter or Facebook will generate word-of-mouth traffic to the site. As such, we offer a new invitation to register on the post detail and user profile pages when not logged in
  • Added the current alert count to the browser title bar as an added visual indicator to new content being available to view
  • Added auto completion support to comments and posts when typing usernames.  To use this feature site-wide, type the ‘@’ symbol and the first 3 characters of any username on our system for a drop-down selection list to choose from


  • Photo uploading – An all-new photo upload process was chosen that works much better across all browsers and mobile devices (except the iOS kind, still due to Apple restrictions)
  • Profile photo updates – Issues with profiles photos not being updated immediately have been resolved. You should notice the new avatar immediately when it shows up in your profile settings right after uploading.  You can also completely remove your avatar now
  • Fixed an issue with improper highlighted links
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a post would refresh the page, now the post will be deleted inline without a page refresh
  • Fixed an issue with the selected tabs not saving correctly across the individual pages when returning to each page
  • Fixed an issue when returning HTML special characters in the API
  • Correctly typedef’ing the API, numbers are now integers
  • Fixed an issue with banner ads displaying past their expiration
  • Added extended template support to keep pages with .jhtml extensions from showing up with no site template formatting in the browser. Also excluded all pages with .jhtml extension from search engine indexing

Hot Fixes

  • Public posts are showing an error when not logged in.
  • When logging out you are shown a blank page
  • No longer displays a broken image when an error occurs with the photo
  • Displays an error when an invalid file is received.

Still in the works

  • Embedded YouTube videos when posting links to the video
  • People search, including adding/inviting friends from Twitter and Facebook
  • Ability to delete your account (Hopefully you aren’t considering it, but just in case)
  • Mobile friendly web site
  • Ability to email your photos and status updates using unique email addresses

Remember you can report bugs and submit your feedback by visiting our Feedback & Support link on the bottom of any page.  You can do your part to help support the site by visiting our sponsors periodically to view their specials.  Feel free to post your experiences with our vendors in the stream for others to see!


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One Response to Version 1.6 Release Scheduled

  1. charles w merritt(cwm1955) says:

    maybe in the near future , now that Google Plus is on everyone’s radar U could some how do cross posting to or from there…..just thinking out loud. U people are doing a BANG UP JOB , well done and all those positive adjectives. Keep up the good work ! Am sure as U said that now that we have cross posing here that it will generate new interest.