Version 1.5.5 Released

Hey guys just want to give you an idea of some of the latest features we’ve pushed out.

  • Fixed that annoying session bug that wouldn’t keep you logged in.
  • Fixed some error handling with profiles.
  • Username auto-completion in the status update box. We’ll show you all the username matches after the first 2 characters you type following the ‘@’ symbol. Just choose the one you intend to mention from a supplied drop-down list.
  • Added some API framework, for future plans.
  • Fixed an issue with viewing a post where the picture in landscape would get cropped off in certain browsers.
  • Adding a timeout for the alerts badge, this means that after 20 minutes of sitting idle on a page, your badges will no longer update. This limit resets every time you refresh or move around the site.
  • Fixed the favorites stream to only show posts you like.
  • Added new ad affiliates from a hand-chosen and approved list. These new ads will show directly above the Google Ads.  Please help support our site by visiting our sponsors and purchasing their goods through the discounts being given to GeoClique users.


We have the following features in the works

  • YouTube videos will be embedded into the stream
  • Mobile friendly web site
  • Facebook/Twitter Integration
  • Ability to email your photos and notes

Remember you can report bugs and submit your feedback by visiting our Feedback & Support link on the bottom of any page.




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