First Major Update – v1.5

It’s been 2 whole months since our launch and we’ve done really well getting our old friends back together.  And almost immediately after the launch, we started working on the next website update.  We’ve been handling issues and questions as quickly as possible and have taken lots of great feedback on the Get Satisfaction community site, and now we’re ready to announce the first major set of enhancements being released this weekend.

Hot-fixes that you may have already noticed:

  • Character counter on the posts page status box no longer adds a delay while typing. Counts are calculated when you delay a keystroke.
  • Removal of the photo upload button for iOS devices. Per Apple policy, the camera roll is not accessible from within the browser for the purposes of upload. This has been our #1 question all week, so to cut down on confusion, we’ve eliminated the button for now. All other devices are still able to use the photo upload feature.
  • Image rotations have been fixed
  • Implement dismissible admin alerts

Additional items that have been implemented in 1.5:

Account Management

  • Add support to allow a user to delete an account (back-end only, for future implementation)
  • Update session username when the username changes during settings update
  • Add support to reset a lost password

Comment Stream

  • User avatars for the original posts on the comments page for a quick view of the person that was responded to
  • Original photos attachments are thumbnailed on the comments stream
  • The load more button at the end of the comments stream now works without reloading the entire page template


  • Exclude blocked users in the “friends” list
  • Added your friend/trust level for each friend in your list
  • Friend request system – you will now start to get alerts when someone adds you as a friend, as indicated by a badge notification in the header menu


  • Included new terms of service
  • AJAX requests display an error alert when an issue is encountered (likes/dislikes, comments, etc.)
  • Scripts and stylesheets broken out logically into smaller files and included only as necessary
  • Minified the scripts and stylesheets files for better performance
  • Feedback/Support link added to page footer
  • Entirely rewritten (professionally) database calls to improve overall site performance
  • Removed the inbox menu item to allow us more time to prepare it for use in the next update
  • Added a “Me” menu item to quickly take you to your own profile page


  • Implement new view object query that respects privacy
  • Added reasons for reporting objects
  • Added support to unsubscribe from an object


  • New profile widget in sidebar showing post metrics
  • Added birthdate information to user settings, respecting privacy settings so as not to display year or age to untrusted users
  • User profiles now have stream posts separated from friends on 2 new tabs
  • The load more button on the user profile stream has been fixed.


  • Required full name
  • Required DOB to comply with COPPA
  • Email address validation before submitting registration
  • Disabled access to the registration form when logged in
  • Welcome wagon account created to announce new registrants, option given to user to NOT announce their arrival on registration

Search (Stream posts only at this time)

  • Require some text when clicking the search button
  • Applied search filters to existing stream tabs
  • Created easy way to remove the search filter from streams


  • Mentions counter has been fixed, including those that were being counted when similar usernames were involved. (ie. user11 vs. user119238)
  • New file upload field that doesn’t hide the selected file name
  • Sticky privacy setting between sessions; your last privacy level is stored internally and recalled with each visit
  • Added welcome wagon posts to friend streams to announce new users
  • Resolved minor privacy issues in friend stream
  • Posts in stream are now displaying subscription and like statuses correctly
  • Higher resolution avatars in use across all pages, and improved caching of photos for faster page launch.


Thanks to everyone for their understanding of some of these missing features from the initial launch just 2 months ago. And an extra thanks to those who used our community site on Get Satisfaction (using the feedback link at the bottom of the page) to let us know of issues and to submit ideas, some of which we’ve been able to implement with this release.  Please continue to use our Feedback/Support link at the bottom of the site to submit your ideas and issues to us.

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