Server Updated

You should see much must faster load times on the web for It was obvious pretty quickly that we were going to continue to max out the past server so Kudos! to Chris Hallgren for seeing the need early.  He and Brian, and some other angel coding helpers, were up last night making the move to the new, faster server.

If you’re viewing on a mobile browser, the time could be slowed due to the signal strength on the device.  Also *annoying reminder alert*  Apple iOs will not allow an app access to the photograph files so you wont be able to upload a photo from there. This is not a GeoClique.Me restriction, it is Apple’s and we don’t like it anymore than you do, trust me. However, we do have apps in progress!! We know you will be excited to download ASAP when available so we will definitely keep you posted on that!

Our sincere apologies to anyone who may have been attempting to register last night during the move.  I hope you’ll please try again to log in and if  it does not recognize your log in, PLEASE sign up again. Pretty please. We can’t wait to see you!

luv n hugs,


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