GeoClique is Live!!!

Balloons-celebration-300x297If you’re reading this post, it means we’ve successfully opened the site to the public and are ready to start accepting new signups.  It’s been a rough few months of development, dealing with some very complex programming issues and let’s face it, some very demanding beta users.  But hey, we asked for it, and they brought it!  We’d like to extend our official thanks to our beta test group!

Over the course of the next few months, you’ll see new features and enhancements come to fruition as we gather user feedback and implement some of those ideas.  In order to keep some semblance of organization around here, we’ve created a support community at Get Satisfaction.  You GeoClique support staff and champions will do our best to keep up with responses there as quickly as possible.  Every idea is a good idea, and every bug could be a bug for many people, so don’t be afraid to bring it to our attention.



Just a quick reminder that we are still a beta website, and as such we could potentially find security issues that need to be resolved over the next few weeks.  For the time being, play it safe with any content you might not want a peer to see.  Excuse our dust for a little while as we settle in, and just get out there and have fun!




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