Privacy Levels Explained

Here’s a quick run-down of security levels on GeoClique, and what each one means to you.


When posting items to GeoClique:

  • Public – Everyone can see these posts, including non-friends
  • Private – Only mutual friends* (those who YOU have friended) can see these posts
  • Trusted – Only trusted mutual friends* (those who YOU have friended) can see these posts

* Mutual Friendship is established once a user has friended you, and you’ve friended them back either by manually adding each other as friends, or by accepting a friend request.


What you should see in each stream:

  • Public – Everything that’s posted publicly from anyone, even if you’re not currently friends with these people.
  • Private – All posts from people who you have friended. Some private posts from people who have friended you back.  Some trusted posts from those who have trusted you.
  • Mentions – Any post that has your username in it. If you change your username, it will change what shows up in this tab, so try to pick one that you like from the beginning.



While viewing a user’s profile page:

  • If you are viewing your own profile, all posts will show, regardless of privacy level show. You should be able to see your own posts at all times, right?
  • If you are viewing another users’s profile, only posts that fall within your approved privacy level will show. For example, all public posts are visible, but private and trusted posts will not show unless the user has approved you as a friend or has trusted you to see their trusted posts.


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2 Responses to Privacy Levels Explained

  1. srndur says:

    Will I see mentions from people if they post it private but I am not their friend yet. Or even not yet their mutual friend?

    • webguyatwork says:

      In its current state, any time anyone posts your name preceded by an “@” symbol, you will be notified regardless of friendship status. You may not be able to see the post, however, when clicking the link to view it. We will continue to work out fine-grained privacy functions in the coming weeks to eliminate this behavior.