GeoClique Development Well Underway

Hello, and welcome to GeoClique, a new and exciting social media experience that focuses on friends and relationships rather than games and gimmicks.  We’ve taken some of the things that you like about various social media sites, eliminated the fluff, and what we’ve come up with is a highly simplified user experience.  We think this will get you conversing more and keeping track of your closest friends without having to worry about competition for prizes.

We’ve been in development since December 2010 and are nearing a major milestone, our first public release.  Though we don’t have a target release date officially, our hopes are to get something out to the public by early April. No, this is no April fool’s joke.  The site is very real, and we have some very real beta testers helping us to squash the bugs in our current framework.

GeoClique has also teamed up with Get Satisfaction ( to offer up a community of assistance.  Here, we can have our users offer suggestions for new features, bring bugs to our attention so we can track them to resolution, and just offer general feedback on the service.  We thank our beta testers for getting us started in the building of this community.

Finally, we do intend to deliver an iPhone application within fairly short order following the site release.  It has been in development alongside the website, so it’s pretty close to completion. Other mobile platforms will follow, starting with Blackberry.  GeoClique’s founding members include 2 very seasoned web and mobile developers, including the creator of MyKite, a Blackberry client for the now-nonexistent Brightkite stream.  Talks with an Android developer have also begun, though we can’t yet say when development will begin for the platform.  Our goal is to provide a smooth transition into our service using familiar technologies.  Until then, a mobile website will be created to help streamline the content from our service for fast loading and easy use.

Again, we welcome you to GeoClique and hope that you’ll enjoy what we’ve spent months creating for you!!

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