Let’s #blamechallgren for 2013… who’s with me?

Capture20What would the end of the year be without an year-end recap of all the special moments that brought our friends and family at GeoClique together through thick and thin?  Well, it would probably be a pretty quiet end of year, huh?  And what better way to sum up the year than by taking a look back at all the stuff we #blamechallgren on?

You might be asking yourself “Who exactly is Challgren anyway?” to which we’d fire back a question ourselves, “What rock have you been living under?”  In all seriousness, Challgren is our very own co-founder, Chris Hallgren, the true lifeblood of our humble little site.  Chris manages the servers on top of his already daunting tasks of maintaining the website and dealing with tech support in the data center.  How he does that without losing his mind is being me.  And so we joking and lovingly dedicate our posts to blaming the guy when things go wrong, all to lighten the mood and to let him know that we all understand the difficulties that come with managing so many aspects about our social network.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the things that we’ve blamed on Chris over the past year, shall we?  These posts are by no means in chronological order, and may have happened prior to 2013.  For the sake of this article, we wanted to cover a variety of bases, so my apologies to any that were shared in private.

We blamed Challgren for our own poor health and misfortunes






We blamed Challgren for random silliness and missed opportunities






We blamed Challgren on our technology issues



Sometimes, we don’t even need a reason to blame Challgren




Challgren takes is all in stride, blames himself for stuff




So what about the stuff we fixed? Do we stop blaming Challgren now?
(Answer: Nope, carry on as usual…)





So there you have it, a quick recap of some of the random stuff that we like to #blamechallgren with.  You can see how easy it is to do.  Next time you’re on the site and feeling like someone is to blame for your mood, well… you know what to do.

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Christmas Present to our Loyal Users

To our friends and family who are celebrating Christmas today, we have a small gift available to you now on our website. It’s nothing major, but something to show that we’re constantly working to improve the site experience for all of our loyal users.  We have now enabled URL previews in object streams.  This initial update will display preview text and images as downloaded automatically whenever you post a URL anywhere inside the body of any status update.

Status updates will now display URL details like the example below:


All you have to do is paste the URL of your story’s webpage into your status message.  We will shorten it automatically and link users to the post with details that are downloaded behind the scenes.  In future updates, we expect to allow you to select the best image to use for each URL during the posting process, but hey, this is a step in the right direction.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Today is finally iOS 7 Day!

If you are anything like the mass majority of all iOS and iPhone fanatics, you’re certainly a bit a bit excited for today’s launch of iOS 7.  The first bunch of GeoClique users have already noticed their download is available wirelessly on their devices.  While some will welcome the change as a bleeding-edge upgrade to their devices, having heard about the new features months ago and being inundated with numerous blog posts across the web about its cool new advancements in technology, other may approach the upgrade with a little more skepticism than others.  We at GeoClique are here to let you know that we intent to fully embrace the new design styles set forth by Apple with this iOS major release.

Significant progress has already been made to migrate GeoClique for iOS to full iOS 7 support.  In the mean time, you will notice a minor update today to version 1.4.  The release notes in the App Store leave out all the technical details, and really for good reason.  While you won’t see any new features with 1.4, it is important to us that you update to this latest release as it includes new files that are required to keep our usage statistics accurate.  The stats package that we use required an update in order to keep devices from reporting as brand new and throwing off all of our metrics.  Additionally, we found a bug in the device registration code that ultimately caused some devices to stop receiving push notifications. If you fall into this category, go out and update the app, then log in to the geoclique.me website, go to the settings page and look for notifications. After you’ve launched the app on your device once, it should register with the site. Make sure it is enabled for push notifications in the settings page online and you should be good to go.

So consider this a plea, if you will, to update to the latest version.  It will help us all out in the long run.  Remember to show your support for our work by visiting our sponsors both in the app and online.  It only takes a minute to click on an ad and check out the offers inside.


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Data Center Issues – August 23, 2013

If you’re just waking up this morning wondering what is going on with GeoClique, the site is partially offline due to issues occurring in the data center which has our database server offline.  The issue may present itself differently depending on which browser you use to hit the site, and it will cause our native iOS app to fail loading posts from the server as a result.  We will keep you informed of any status updates we get over the next few hours.

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Trouble in the Data Center – April 3, 2013

We have received alerts this morning from our hosting provider about dropped network connections in our data center location.  As a result, GeoClique may appear down at times.  Please be patient as they work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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GeoClique for iOS 1.2.1 is now available

iphone4s-geocliqueAs promised, we are letting you know that our newest iOS application version, 1.2.1, has been approved and will begin showing up in the iTunes App Store within the next 24 hours.

Here are the steps you need to take to make the transition to this new version under our official Apple Developer account:

  1. On your iOS device, open the “App Store” application and search for “GeoClique”.  If the app is not yet available to you, please wait a bit and check again later before returning to these instructions, otherwise continue…
  2. To avoid the possible confusion of having 2 different icons for GeoClique, go back to your home screen, locate the existing GeoClique application icon and delete it. Any duplicate icon will be the result of having the old and new app at the same time from two different developer accounts.
  3. Go back into the App Store and “Buy” the application to download it for free.
  4. Open the application and log in.


mzm.liegcvlb.175x175-75 GeoClique Description

GeoClique is a social network and photo sharing service for people who just want to be social and not have to worry about playing games or competing with other users. We use a post/comment model with simple privacy levels and private conversations so you always know your target audience. Join us today and become an active part of the “Clique”!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/geoclique/id604701780?ls=1&mt=8

If you made it to here, congrats!  You’ve officially and successfully updated to the newest version of our native iOS app.  Just a couple more cleanup steps remain, and you will need to log into the website at https://www.geoclique.me to complete them.

  1. Log into the website and navigate to the settings page.  Make sure you have logged into the iOS application at least once before beginning this step.
  2. Go to the Notifications tab and scroll down to the Mobile Devices section.
  3. Enable the device(s) on which you would like to receive notifications.

Make sure you’ve selected all of your notification preferences to match what you actually would like to receive.  At this point, your notifications should start back up again once interaction with your posts pick back up.

As always, we invite you to share GeoClique with your friends.  Encourage friends to post regularly, engage with our sponsors by visiting their ads through both the website and the app, and review the app in iTunes to help improve our visibility within the App Store worldwide.  We can not stress enough the importance of adding your feedback in iTunes.  If you use the app regularly, we strongly encourage you to share your opinions by giving us an appropriate rating.

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Web Upgrades Complete

feb-updateMaintenance activities on our website are now complete, making our site version 2.1 officially live.  Our interface has changed just a bit as you will be able to see very quickly with your next refresh, but all of the familiar functions are still intact. Remember to check back a few posts for details on what changes we’ve incorporated into the site.

Now we move onto the next phase of updates, moving our iOS app to a new account dedicated to GeoClique Labs Inc.  We have confirmed with Apple engineering that everything is in place and ready to go for us to begin the transfer process.  This will include the following steps:

  1. Removal of our current apps
    Our applications will be removed from all App Store markets to allow us to delete the application from the store completely. It will take Apple approximately 24 hours to complete the removal, at which point you will no longer be able to download (or re-download if you happen to delete) our iOS application.
  2. Uploading new binaries under the new account
    This is the standard update and approve process which traditionally takes up to 1 week to complete, the timing for which is entirely controlled by Apple. We will also submit an expedited review request, but keep in mind that it may still only cut 1-2 days off this week-long process.
  3. Application is made ready for sale
    At this point, the app will be re-listed as brand new under our new account. We’ll post the new iTunes links on this blog site for quick reference, and will also be sending out notifications, emails, Facebook and GeoClique status updates letting you know that it’s available.


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Weekend Maintenance Reminder

feb-updateThis is just a friendly reminder that we will be upgrading the website (full and mobile sites) this weekend and will also begin the process of removing the iOS app from the App Store to prepare it for its new home on our official GeoClique Labs Inc. account.

PUSH notifications will stop being delivered immediately once the app has been removed from the App Store.  They will not begin again for you until you delete and re-download the app when it is available under the new account.  We will let you know when it is once again available so you can make the switch.  Again, do not delete your existing app at this time, or you will be unable to get it back during the App Store transition.

See http://blog.geoclique.me/2013/02/site-enhancements-scheduled-february for more details on the extend of the website upgrade being performed this weekend.  We ask for a little extra patience as we push out the new changes.

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Service Disruption – 02/12/2013

Our database server is reporting a kernel panic earlier today and is reporting the same error now. Our data center is working to resolve this issue. A new server is in the process of being built and our database will be moved. I expect us to have downtime for the next couple hours. I will update when this is all completed.

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Important Read: iTunes App Store Updates

If you are reading this post, chances are you were directed here by way of any number of communications that have been sent out discussing upcoming changes to iOS applications that you purchased from either GeoClique or 4Minds Internet Group.  If you are currently running either of the following applications, please read on for important news.

GeoClique Labs Inc. is now the official (and very proud owner) of apps originating under the 4Minds Internet Group name.


GeoClique – By 4Minds Internet Group
GeoClique is a social media and photo sharing service for people who just want to be social and not have to worry about playing games or competing with other users. We use a post/comment model with simple privacy levels and private conversations so you always know your target audience. Join us today and become an active part of the “Clique”!
mzm.qmdnpuyu.175x175-75 Epoch Now! – By 4Minds Internet Group
This small utility application simply converts date information between local date and time and UNIX timestamps. It is a handy tool for web and application developers who are doing a lot of manual data entry while testing out code updates.

Both of these applications will be changing hands within the Apple App Store from the current 4Minds Internet Group to a new GeoClique Labs Inc. account during the week of February 18th – 24th.  During this transition, they will be taken down from sale in the App Store in order to allow them to be migrated to our new account. Once they have been republished under the new account, you will be required to delete the app from your device and re-download it from the App Store. Failure to re-download the apps will mean you will no longer receive updates going forward.  Your app MAY continue to function, but any push notifications that may be sent to your device will no longer be received and displayed in your notification center. You do not need to do anything during the transition period, however if you decide to remove the app before it is back online under the new account, you will not be able to download it again until it is available for purchase from within the App Store.

Both applications will be made available at no cost to aid with the transition.

Watch for further announcements on this blog regarding the application transition status.  Comments are welcome on this post, and we’ll try to respond as quickly as possible to every request to help ease the transition process.

Like us on Facebook for updates across the board on all of our products: https://www.facebook.com/geoclique.me

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